What do you need for your hike?

Wood Buttress Scramble - Table Mountain guided hikes


Hiking shoes, trainers or trail shoes and thick socks – ensure there is a good grip on the soles. Flip-flops are unsuitable for the hike.

Comfortable, non-restricting pants – zip-off pants are convenient to quickly switch between shorts or long pants, but it is not essential for a hike. On certain routes you would want to have your legs protected against bushes, but shorts are mainly suitable. We will advise you on your chosen route.

Light and comfortable, non-restricting T-shirts or shirts – do not choose black, the sun will hit you hard!

Small rucksack – convenient way of keeping your belongings together and having your hands free during the hike or scramble.

Sunscreen – you will need to re-apply sunscreen during the hike.

Sun hat – it is important to protect your head and face from the sun at all times.

2 Liters of water – rather return with water than not having enough while you are out hiking!

Warm top / windbreaker – it is several degrees colder on top of the mountain and often windy.

Rain jacket – the weather is unpredictable and can suddenly turn out different than expected or forecasted.

Hiking poles – this is mainly needed for hikes on Devil’s Peak or the Table Mountain crossing, or even Lion’s Head, for those who need some support for their knees when hiking down.

Camera and / or cell phone – you might get very trigger happy during the hike.

Snack – you will need a bit of energy to get you through the hike.

Money – it costs R240 for the down ticket in the cable car and there are shops and a restaurant on top for souvenirs, food or a cold drink.

Our mountain guides will be prepared and equipped with a first-aid kit and a safety rope for each Table Mountain guided hike as well as guided hikes on Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head.

Do you consider to book a Table Mountain guided hike and wonder who are the guides?
You might also wonder, do you really need a guide?

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