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Table Mountain is undoubtedly Cape Town’s pride and since 2011, one of the World’s 7 Natural Wonders. Not many cities in the world can compete with a natural feature as well-known as Table Mountain. Hoerikwaggo, the Khoisan name meaning “mountain in the sea” is just as suitable as the name we know today. A level plateau of approximately 3 km from side to side, depicts a table. Together with Lion’s Head to the West and Devil’s Peak to the East, the Cape Town City Bowl is lying in a natural amphitheatre, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. At approximately 550 million years old, Table Mountain is one of the oldest mountains in the world. We are talking about 6 times older than the Himalayas! The oldest rock formation in the area is the Malmesbury Group formation, consisting of layers of shale and sandstone. This formation is below the thin layer of the Graafwater formation. The top layer, is made of Table Mountain sandstone. South Africa boasts with unique vegetation in this area. In the Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula range alone, you can find an estimated 2285 different plant species. A great proportion of those species are endemic to these mountains, therefore cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In a mere 57 square km area, there are more plant species than in the entire United Kingdom. Table Mountain National Park is also home to a variety of mammals, snakes, lizards, amphibian, tortoises and birds. Dassies are happy inhabitants here. They are usually sunbathing on the rocks, aware not to become a bird’s prey. While the orange-breasted sunbirds drink nectare from Proteas or Ericas, the blue-headed agamas jump from rock to rock. Always in search for some sun. On very rare occasions, the Himalayan Tahrs make their appearance. All the interesting, living creatures, make every hike memorable. With an endless variety of trails to choose from, Cape Town is a hiker’s paradise! However, Table Mountain should never be underestimated. The routes vary in difficulty and exposure. Some trails are easy walking, without the need to climb up rocks. Apart from that, there are scramble routes, without too much exposure to heights. And for the fearless, there is the more mentally challenging route. Where you will not only scramble, but also walk next to sheer drop-offs, squeeze through narrow cracks, crawl through chimneys and walk on ledges. For more information, read more on the trails we offer. On top of Table Mountain, visitors can expect a restaurant, a WiFi lounge and bar and two curio shops. Whether you want that holiday souvenir, a gift for someone special or to purchase a thick jacket against the unforeseen weather. Last, but not least, you have the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway on top. The floor of the cable car rotates and ensures a 360° view over Cape Town during the ride down. Certainly the best way to descend the mountain after hiking up. And possible with most of the hiking routes offered by Like2Hike. Come hike with Like2Hike and learn more about this magical mountain in the sea!
Meet the Mountain Guides

Meet the Mountain Guides

Like2Hike’s Mountain Guides are Maretha and Christoph and they make a great hiking team. Living at the foot of one of the 7 Natural Wonders in the World, is living a dream. Between the two of us, we share more than three decades of exploring Table Mountain. To keep our bodies physically fit and mentally healthy, we use this phenomenal playground to regularly exercise. We do not hike only when we are mountain guides, because hiking up Table Mountain doesn’t get boring. Every day holds different beauty. Different light, different cloud and different life on different trails, during different seasons. As mountain guides, we are passionate about Table Mountain and in love with nature. Sharing our playground with curious adventurers is what makes us tick. Our holidays are planned around nature and adventure. Since we find it hard to sit still, it usually involves locations with mountains. We have hiked throughout South-Africa. In the Drakensberg, Cederberg, Overberg, Outeniqua Mountains and the Blyderiver Canyon, to mention a few. On several occasions, we hiked for days, without seeing a soul. That is magic! Of course the bucket list is long. Therefore we keep planning our next hiking trips to new locations within our beloved South Africa. Arangieskop is next on our bucket list. Our social media will certainly report all about it when we do it! There are icons for Instagram and Facebook on top or below. Just like and follow us. In 2017 we climbed the highest peak in the Indian Ocean – Piton des Neiges, which means Snow Peak. Christoph can also add the highest peak in Germany – Zugspitze – to his list. Our most recent excitement in 2019, was hiking in the Alps. In Germany, in Berchtesgaden, we hiked to the Blaueisgletscher, meaning blue ice glacier. That was followed by a hike to the Eiskapelle, meaning ice chapel, also a glacier. Apart from that, we experienced the beauty of entering two wet gorges, in Germany known as a “Klamm”. In Switzerland, around Châtel Saint Denis, we got to know the Moleson and Teysachaux and the hills around it. Mountain guide qualifications Our mountain guide training was obtained through Venture Forth and the Adventure Qualifications Network. Additionally, we got our level 3 first-aid training from Wild-Medix. We are CATHSSETA qualified mountain guides and registered with the Department of Tourism to act as legal guides. We are trained to stay calm and focused in difficult situations and to put the safety of our clients first. You might wonder, is it really necessary to book mountain guides for Table Mountain? Go ahead, find out! For a safe, yet thrilling hiking experience, join us for an unforgettable event! We speak German, Afrikaans and English. A combination of our mountain experience as well as our knowledge of the area, create a rewarding experience for those who want to explore Table Mountain safely and – depending on the chosen route – mainly off the beaten track.

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