Devil’s Peak, Lion’s Head and Table Mountain are the 3 major peaks in Cape Town. Together they form a natural amphitheatre in which the Cape Town city bowl lies.

Although Devil’s Peak is only slightly lower than Table Mountain, people less frequently choose this hike. Most people prefer the hikes to the top of Table Mountain or Lion’s Head. The reason for this is most probably because there is no Cableway to take one down and it is very steep.

Originally Devil’s Peak was known as Windberg, which means windy mountain, because it is the windiest peak in Cape Town.

We take a circular route, where the ascent is a B-grade and involves some scrambling, but the descent is just a steep walking A-Grade. Exposure is only moderate and the scrambling on the route up is not particularly hard.

The 360º view from the top, includes views from Table Bay over the winelands to False Bay.

Consequently, this hike is super rewarding and interesting. However, a hike up Devil’s Peak is completely weather dependent. Not only will it be unpleasant during strong winds, but also very dangerous. And the safety of our clients is our main concern.

At one stage you will walk through a Protea thicket, which can make the journey a bit slower, yet more interesting.

For the round trip it will take +/-6 hours.  Fitness levels and group size largely determine the duration of the hike.

Reaching 1000 m in elevation, this peak it is just slightly lower than Table Mountain (1 086 m). Therefore you do need to be reasonably fit.

For those who have bad knees, it is advisable to bring walking sticks to assist in the steep downhill walking.

Alternatively you can hike up Table Mountain. For a shorter hike, the India Venster is an ideal route. But for a bit more scrambling and a longer hike, Wood Buttress is perfect.



1 Persons – R3 500

2-4 Persons – R2 200 pp

5+ Persons – R2 000 pp

*Max 6 persons on this trail.

**No cableway option available.


Devil's Peak - King Protea - Cape Town