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Like2Hike's passionate guides lead breathtaking hiking trips on extraordinary routes on Table Mountain, Devil's Peak and Lion's Head. Our trilingual hiking Guides speak German, English and Afrikaans.
Maretha and Christoph are Like2Hike’s Main Table Mountain hiking guides!

Maretha and Christoph are Like2Hike’s Main Table Mountain hiking guides!

In Short: We have been guiding professionally since 2018. Before that, we have been exploring the incredible variety of hiking routes in Cape Town for decades. Our love for Table Mountain grew exponentially and we chose to turn this passion into a living. Nothing beats the feeling of creating an unforgettable experience for other curious hikers.

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We do what we love, and we do it well!
Maretha Uys
Maretha Uys
Founder and manager
Christoph Müller
Christoph Müller

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Flowering King Protea - Cape Town hikes

The best about Cape Town Hikes, are the vast variety of routes available to choose from.

Explore the wonderful Cape Town hikes!

Broaden your knowledge through our informative guides and indulge in the spectacular scenery on every single trail we offer. Like2Hike offers hikes on Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak.

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Remember that hiking is largely weather dependent. When it is wet, it is dangerously slippery. The Cape of Storms is known for its strong wind, which blow people over in the streets. On windy days, it is important to stay off the mountain! You can watch this short entertaining video-clip about Cape Town’s wind!

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