Do you need a hiking guide?

Misty weather on Table Mountain is the reason why you need a guide. This is Kasteelspoort trail. Tafelberg, Führer


  • Do you know the trail?

  • Can you find your way in thick fog if the weather suddenly changes?

  • Do you know the hand- and foot holds on the tricky scrambles?

  • Have you got a rope and do you know how to use it to secure someone?

  • Are you familiar with the different snakes, scorpions, plants and other creatures on Table Mountain?

  • Do you carry a first-aid kit and do you know how to use it in case of emergency?

  • Do you know the fauna, flora, geology and tales of Table Mountain?

Rather safe than sorry!

Do not hike Table Mountain without a guide.

Every year, dozens of people who decide to hike Table Mountain without a guide, are rescued from Table Mountain, because they under-estimate the difficulty.

Table Mountain looks small and people do not realise what dangers this beautiful mountain can pose.

Many get lost or injured. Or they climb up somewhere, from where they cannot get down safely, nor can they go up any further! Others come unprepared, without the correct gear, enough water or any knowledge of what to expect on the route ahead of them. Here is information on what you need for a guided hike with us.

Our weather is unpredictable and can change suddenly and unexpectedly. Unless you are familiar with the trails and the respective external challenges, it is unsafe to hike Table Mountain without a guide.

A guide knows the trails, will find the way in bad visibility and will make sure you know what you need to have a safe and optimal experience.

Our main objective is your safety and comfort. Certain areas are more prone to criminal activity. Since we are closely connected to the mountain rescue, the local police and other guides, we keep track of where the problem areas are and therefore which trails to avoid.

If you hike Table Mountain without  guide, know your hazards!

And remember, the same counts for the Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak trails!

We will guide you where to place your hand or foot on a scramble or which hazardous plants to look out for. Some plants will give you painful blisters for weeks if you accidentally touch them! We spot the snakes, know them apart and can deal with a crisis. To guide safely, we have level 3 Wilderness First-Aid training and a good rope-work background to aid anyone in need.

We know the interesting history and tales of the area and love to share it all with you while we guide.

For the ultimate experience, do not hike Table Mountain without a guide. It is not only safer for you to book a mountain guide, but also more rewarding.

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